Larsen Vending is a full service vending company locally owned and operated in the Phoenix and Tucson markets. Larsen Vending is proud to have been in business for 30+ years serving the community with fresh snacks, drinks, and vending solutions. When you partner with Larsen Vending you get the peace of mind knowing that we keep things running smoothly.

Larsen Vending Micro Markets

Larsen Vending Micro-Markets are an excellent method to enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Maximize productivity and increase employee satisfaction with a Larsen Vending Micro-Market. A customized self-checkout convenience store located right in your break room.

Vending Services


Smart Inventory
Never have to call for restock again. With our wireless smart inventory, we will be there any time a refill is needed.

Wide Selection of Products
Larsen Vending has a wide variety of products to choose from and we are always happy to field requests! Our goal is to satisfy your snack and drink needs.

Advanced Technology
Larsen Vending partnered with Cantelope in 2021 and thanks to their technology, we are able to receive information in real time. This also allows your customer to pay with credit cards and mobile payment methods.

Wireless Payments
Accept wireless payments, just tap your card or bring your apple pay or google pay device near our card reader to process payments, easy as that!

Office Coffee and Tea
Enhanced Coffee Equipment
Long gone are the days of cold coffee left in the coffee pot. Larsen Vending provides a variety of options to choose from when deciding what machine will serve your needs best.

Breakroom Supplies
We provide everything you need to have a fully stocked coffee area including creamers, stirrers, sugars, and more.

Hassle Free Maintenance
Larsen Vending ensures trained technicians will regularly clean and maintain coffee equipment to provide uninterrupted service.

Multi Housing

Keep Renters Happy & Draw In New Residents
Larsen Vending provides food and snack vending for multi-home properties. We make sure to keep inventory stocked, offer a wide selection of popular items, and provide easy touchless payments. When you partner with Larsen Vending you know your residents vending needs are in good hands.

  • Provide fully stocked and managed vending machines on premises for your residents enjoyment.
  • Spend less time managing inventory or dealing with fussy machines, have wireless card payment methods.
  • Access a large selection of snacks and foods that are safely pre-packaged for your apartment or dorm complex.
  • Every layout is different. Personalize your vending machine needs based on your unique requirements.
    Larsen Vending Was Founded in the 90s
    Larsen Vending was founded by Doug Larsen. Together with his wife, they bought a vending machine with the vacation savings they had put aside. What’s funny is that the machine broke down within a couple of weeks, but the regional manager that oversaw the property really liked Doug, so he kept him on as a vendor.

    What turned out to be a pastime became a legitimate business for Doug. By the late 90s, Doug decided to go full-time into vending and left his job as an auditor for a gas station chain. Now, Larsen Vending employs 20 employees, operates warehouses in Phoenix and Tucson, and is currently servicing 1,500 vending machines.

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