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Increase Employee Engagement

Micro-Markets Designed
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Larsen Vending Micro-Markets are an excellent method to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.  Maximize productivity and increase employee satisfaction with a Larsen Vending Micro-Market. A customized self-checkout convenience store located right in your break room.

Custom Micro Markets Built to Exceed Standards

We are glad to be a part of countless success stories by providing the best quality micro-market solutions to our clients.

Boosting Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with Micro Market Convenience Stores in the Corporate Workplace

At Larsen Vending, we understand the importance of employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace. That’s why we’re excited to offer the latest in vending solutions: the micro market convenience store.

Our micro markets provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for companies looking to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. With a micro market in your workplace, employees can purchase food, drinks, and other essentials without ever having to leave the office. This not only saves them time and hassle, but it also provides them with more healthy food options and makes it easy for them to grab a quick bite during their break.

In addition to increasing employee satisfaction and productivity, our micro markets can also help boost your company’s bottom line. They can reduce employee absenteeism by providing healthy food options, and they can help increase employee retention, which leads to increased productivity and reduced recruitment costs.


Our micro markets are also a cost-effective solution for companies. They eliminate the need for expensive vending machines and reduce the cost of employees going out for lunch. With our micro markets, you can provide your employees with the convenience and healthy options they need, all while saving your company money.

At Larsen Vending, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best vending solutions on the market. Our micro markets are no exception. If you’re looking to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, and boost your company’s bottom line, contact us today to learn more about how our micro markets can benefit your business.

Larsen Markets Are

Larsen Micro-Markets Are

Contactless Payments

Pay for your goods with a smart device or NFC credit card. Eliminate the need to touch surfaces and speed up checkout.

Wireless Monitoring

With our state-of-the-art live 24/7 monitoring security systems, you are more protected than ever.

Smart Inventory

Wireless Inventory management allows us to give your location the proper attention it deserves as soon as it needs it. Simpe and easy with real time reporting.

Enhance Employee Retention with Micro-Market Vending

Elevate your break room. Retain Happy Employees.

Elevate your break room. Retain Happy Employees.

Elevate your break room.
Retain Happy Employees.