About Us

Hello! We are Larsen Vending, and we have proudly served the vending needs of Phoenix and Tucson for 30 years.

Larsen Vending Was Founded in the 90s

Larsen Vending was founded by Doug Larsen. Together with his wife, they bought a vending machine with the vacation savings they had put aside. What’s funny is that the machine broke down within a couple of weeks, but the regional manager that oversaw the property really liked Doug, so he kept him on as a vendor.

What turned out to be a pastime became a legitimate business for Doug. By the late 90s, Doug decided to go full-time into vending and left his job as an auditor for a gas station chain. Now, Larsen Vending employs 20 employees, operates warehouses in Phoenix and Tucson, and is currently servicing 1,500 vending machines.

The Larsen Vending Difference

Unlike other vending companies, we at Larsen Vending view the entire vending as a means to promote the efficiency of one’s business, where customer service is at the forefront of everything and employees have a new, futuristic, and comfortable break experience.

That’s why we channeled our skills and resources to focus on multi-housing vending and building micro-markets.

Throughout the years, we have worked hard to transform ourselves to be true specialists in multifamily housing vending. We worked with property managers and got in touch with residents so that we could make the necessary improvements to our offerings. As a result, we have made their lives more convenient, and we have become the leading vending service provider in Phoenix and Tucson.

As for micro-markets, we started to think about employees. When you’re in a shift, don’t you wish to have a well-stocked pantry when you take your break? Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare everything beforehand, so having a well-stocked pantry goes a long way. Thus, we made sure to build something exactly like this. As a result, clients of our micro-markets have reported an improvement in employee morale, retention, and hiring rates.

Being a family-run business, we take pride in our team’s tightness and flexibility when it comes to catering to your business needs. We build with you in mind. You can tell us what you require, and we’ll work on creating them for you.

If you’re a property manager who’s trying to offer different ways of conveniences for your residents or a manager who’s looking for ways to improve employee satisfaction, then we might be the perfect choice to help you out.